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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Baby Sawyer: 3 Months Old

It is hard to believe Sawyer is three months old! He's actually almost four months old now because I'm late writing this post. His little side smile melts my heart every time. He smiles at everyone that shows him attention, he makes the cutest baby squeals and giggles, he is officially a fan of the bath tub, he loves to suck on his fists, and he isn’t a fan of tummy time, but can officially roll over. He’s starting to slightly reach for things, he loves the sound of owl noises that his swing makes and his activity mat piano skills are on point. And he now sleeps through the night in his big boy crib. 

I returned to work last week and it was rough! Until then, I had not been away from him for longer than three hours. It was so difficult to walk out the door, leaving him behind on my first day back. I was comforted by the fact that my mom watched him the first two days. Then there was his first day at daycare. I cried when I dropped him off. I cried on my way to work. I cried when I got to work (multiple times). And again, more crying when I got home. Last week was an emotional one to say the least. It's hard to be away from my sweet little guy, but I'm trying to pull it together. 

Three Month Stats
Sawyer weighs around 12 lbs, based on my scale at home. He seems to be growing so quickly all of the sudden. I think his cheeks must weigh at least 1 lb. I can't get enough of them! All of the sudden, he can now fit in all of his clothes I've been saving. Most of them are  3 month sizes. I almost waited to late to let him wear some of them.  

Current Schedule
We transitioned to the third phase of schedules in the Mom's on Call book. I'm happy to report that since my last post, Sawyer is sleeping through the night! He actually began doing this around 2 1/2 months old. I remember instinctively waking up in the middle of the night to look at the monitor and he was still asleep. I did this a few more times throughout the night but he was sound asleep. Getting those precious hours of shut eye back was a big deal! I felt a little more sane.

Favorite Things
I bought him a little octopus that lights up and plays music. This was all a part of my plan to distract him from tummy time, which he hates. And it worked! He is getting a little more comfortable with tummy time every day. He is also a big fan of his bear lovie. It's perfect because the blanket covers him in the car seat and of course he wants to put the head in his mouth. As a matter of fact, he wants to put all of his toys (and hands) in his mouth right now.

Hardest Moment (s)
There were two of them. 1: Going back to work! Man, I knew it was going to be tough, but I had no idea I would be as emotional as I was. 2: Sawyer got a little cold the week before I went back to work. It was hard hearing him all congested with his little sneezes and dry coughs. Despite the cold, he was in good spirits. 

Sweetest Moment
When I hear those baby giggles and him "talking to me." Baby giggles are the best and that's one of the things I've been patiently waiting to hear. A few tickles under his arms will get him going. And he loves to talk back to us, until he sees my phone as I try to record him. 

Breastfeeding, Pumping & Bottles
I am currently still breastfeeding. I do it in the morning before work and at night before he goes to bed. While at work, I'm pump three times per day. I'm fortunate to have a nice nursing room at the office which makes things a little more comfortable and easier to manage. I'm going to keep it up for as long as I can. While I'm away, he takes bottles of breast milk. He is a little reluctant to drink from the bottle each time he has to, but after a few minutes he will suck it right down! He's also increased his intake to about 5 ounces per feeding.

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to since my last post.

We took a road trip to Florence to visit Whit's grandparents. It was so nice to have them spend some time with Sawyer. It was actually the first time Whit's grandmother met Sawyer.
 Meanwhile, I finally got the hang of the solly baby wrap.
 Sawyer loves spending time with his Gammy, especially when it's involves being outside.
This is what tummy time looked like a few weeks ago. Someone was not a fan. Luckily he finds it more enjoyable now. 
 This photo was from a few weeks ago. Since then, he no longer sleeps in the rock n play, we've done away with the swaddle and he's now in a sleep sack.
When we transitioned to the crib, we used the dock a tot to ease into things. Now he's sleeping in there without it.
His first time taking a bottle! It took him a few minutes but he decided it wasn't so bad after all.
 He clearly enjoyed it!
I almost waited too long before putting him in this outfit. He finally grew into it and looks like such a grown man. He wanted to dress his best to go shopping with the girls.
He came with me to get my hair done and met his great aunt for the first time (she's also my hairdresser).
 He also got to meet our cousin.
And his great grandmother. This was such a special moment! My Mama cried so many happy tears when she was finally able to meet him. He was so happy snuggled in her arms. 
 He loves bath time and I love wrapping him up in all of his cute hooded towels.
 He now pays attention to story time...for a short period of time anytime. This is one of my favorite pictures of him.
When we transitioned to the crib, we started putting him in his footed pjs each night so he would be extra cozy. We have so many of them but have been reluctant to put them on him because it has been so hot.
Hurricane Florence gave us a little scare but thankfully spared us. We took advantage of the cooler weather and no humidity and spent some time outside.
In an effort to get out of the house before the nasty weather hit, we visited a new local brewery with friends. 
I caught him sleeping with his lip poked out. He cracks me up when he does this. 
New teething toys from target. No, he doesn't have teeth but he sure does love to put things in his mouth. These seemed acceptable.
We recently had our counter tops replaced in the kitchen, along with a few other things. It was a messy project, so we decided to do a little stay-cation on John's Island for a week. Sawyer put on a bathing suit for the first time and dipped his tiny toes in the pool.
Sawyer has officially outgrown the rock n play. I only put him in it now and then so I can watch him when I'm getting ready.
The last Friday of my maternity leave, we ventured downtown. It was one million degrees outside and somebody was cranky. 
His first day of daycare....followed by endless tears from me.
I can't believe how fast he is growing! 

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