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Thursday, January 25, 2018

18 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along? 18 weeks and 1 day

Baby’s size: He is the size of a bell pepper, which seems pretty large.

Weight gain: I had gained a total of 4.4 lbs as of my last appointment two weeks ago.

Energy: I'm finding that my energy comes and goes and that eight hours of sleep is necessary now more than ever. 

Appetite: Hungry. All. The. Time!

Food Cravings: I don't  feel like I've been "craving" anything specific per say, but I do find myself reaching for sweets more often, which is unlike me. I'm more into salty and savory foods but those cute little REESE'S Valentine's Peanut Butter Hearts have been making their way to my desk at work.

Things I Miss UPDATE: I mentioned in my last post that I've been missing runny eggs. I came across an Instagram post the other day talking about pasteurized eggs. I've read mixed reviews about the taste of them, and now I feel like I need to give them a try for myself. Anyone had these eggs before? 

Workouts: I've still been trying to make it to the gym at least four days a week. I took a spin class last week and honestly it wasn't that comfortable. Not that sitting on that little bike seat ever is, but it was even more uncomfortable that usual. I actually had some weird (not painful) feelings in my stomach when I was relaxing at home after the class, so I'm not sure I will keep that class in my regular routine. I did dust off my boxing gloves and spent some casual time in the ring, obviously nothing serious but it was a good arm workout.

Sleep: I'm beginning to get just a little uncomfortable, but nothing to complain about yet. It's just weird sleeping on my side and feeling a bit of pressure and heaviness. I'm currently searching for a good pregnancy pillow and I would love recommendations. 

Movement: I've finally started to feel the tiniest little flutters. It really is the coolest feeling. Yesterday I felt more of them consistently than I have before. It's not to the point yet where they can be felt from the outside, but more of a tiny tap in  my stomach.

Wardrobe: Update, my jeans still fit (thanks to the hair ties), but are getting more and more snug. And I have a few shirts that I'm going to have to retire for a little bit but I'm really hoping I can get away with not buying any winter maternity clothes. It gets warm here in Charleston fairly early so fingers crossed that my only purchases will be comfy dresses. PJ's are currently my best friend and I can't wait to get home and change into them.

Baby Items Acquired: I mentioned in my last post that my girlfriend gave me these precious little Freshly Picked Moccasins that I just love. And I forgot to mention that for Christmas we got a cute bib and some rubbery duckies for the bathtub. My mom couldn't resist purchasing those. But other than that... nothing, although I've been tempted to make a few clothing purchases. We've got to get on it! We're about to get real serious about nursery planning here in the next couple of weekends. Stay tuned for those updates. 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

December: Life Lately

The holidays are always a whirlwind of activities. Not only do we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Whit and I also have Birthdays in November and December. It makes for a busy holiday season but we wouldn't have it any other way. I wanted to share a quick recap of December because we had so many fun things going on.

Squeezed in one last boat day before it started to get to cold. Our good friends just moved here a few months ago and couldn't wait to take them out on the water. 
Mellow Mushroom pizza is a favorite of ours, but I especially can't get enough of their Holy Shiitake Pie! 
I hosted a small brunch "sprinkle" at Poogan's Porch for my friend Megan who just welcome their sweet baby girl this month. P.S. I pre-ordered these pink cake pops from Starbucks and they made the perfect little favors.
 These pimento cheese fritters were amazing!
 I decided to go with the traditional southern classic —  biscuits and gravy! 
It was a fun afternoon celebrating baby Rosie.
 Monster enjoying her afternoon sunbathing routine. 
 Sometimes she lounges in the chair.
Whit made this delicious 4- ingredient keto coconut chicken curry. It's a recipe we will keep in the regular rotation for sure. 
I know this is totally random and not an appealing photo but it's too good not to share. Mondo's, one of my favorite Italian places we use to get food catered for the office from stopped doing lunch for a while, but they are now back in action. This place is so good Charleston peeps. They aren't open for lunch (except catering) but check them out for dinner.
 A housewarming party with an oyster roast is my kind of party. We had a great time celebrating with friends in their new home.  
Speaking of celebrations, how awesome is this Dutch oven cake that was made for our CEO's work anniversary?!
 Monster, doing what she does best. 
We hosted my friend Cayce's 30th Birthday at my house. Champagne was the theme of the evening. And here is yet another pretty cake.
I made these champagne jello shots which were a hit. I obviously didn't try them because of the baby on board but I received good feedback. And they turned out really pretty (much prettier in person).
 We had so much food!

I celebrated the 30th Birthday of another girlfriend of mine with brunch at Angel Oak Restaurant.
All of the indulging left me craving a good salad. This holiday honeycrisp salad was delicious.
 Lunch date at Husk with all the girls in the office.
 I FINALLY had the infamous Husk burger and I'm pleased to say that it lived up to all of it's hype.
 A home cooked meal for my husband's birthday. The no-knead bread recipe I used was so simple and it turned out great. 
 Got myy first mani at Mylkbar with some girlfriends...just in time for the holidays.
One of my favorite things about Christmas is the annual holiday baking that mom and I do together.
Here are a few of the usual cookies we make.
Our Christmas Day meal may not have been served on fancy plates but it was fantastic, nonetheless. You just can't beat a home-cooked meal, and mom never disappoints!
It's always so nice to be able to spend a few days at home with my family.
Mom and I did a little after-Christmas shopping in Charleston but our first stop was for lunch at Grimaldi's. Their oven baked pizzas are so flavorful and the thin crust doesn't leave you feeling miserable and stuffed afterwards.
Since Whit and I spent Christmas with my family, we went to visit his the weekend after.
We spent the afternoon exploring downtown Conway and had the best lunch at Rivertown Bistro. Their french onion soup was to die for!

As was the fried green tomato BLT.
With all the busy holiday travel and craziness, we opted for a low-key New Years Eve with friends. 
We enjoyed a nice home-cooked dinner and just barley managed to keep our eyes open to watch the ball drop.
A great way to end 2017!
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