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Friday, April 29, 2016

News Feed Friday

I'm still obsessing over this beautiful tile and this gorgeous bar set up at Alys Beach.  

Cheers to the weekend!

I've always wanted to try a juice cleanse but I've heard it's rough. Maybe I should start with one for my face.

If I could just find time to pick up a book and read, I would start with this one.

These photos make me want to host a spring garden party!

I don't keep up with twitter much, much this tweet is pretty funny. 

Obsessed with these earrings.

Have a great weekend! 


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day will be here before we know it and I've got some fun gift ideas for those of you who haven't done your shopping yet. I've put together some a list of pretty and functional items that any mom would love to be gifted.
View my complete list of gift suggestions below:


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Currently Loving | Purse vs Pantry

I realize I just did one of these posts not too long ago, but I couldn't wait to share some of these things with you! I enjoy writing posts like these because I can talk about a variety of things all in one post. I have quite a mixed bag on the list for you today! I'm sharing a few items you will currently find in my purse as well as a few items you can find in my pantry. Let's first start with three things in my purse that I'm currently loving. 

First up, this Rosy Lips, Lip Therapy from Vaseline.

I reapply chap stick approximately five times a day. It's pretty ridiculous. Recently I gave this one a try and fell in love. Not only does it moisturize your lips, but it also smells nice, has a pretty rosy tint, and doesn't leave behind a nasty taste. The other great part, it comes in three other versions: aloe, coco butter and original. Do your lips a favor and give this a try!

I love a good bottle of perfume. The packaging is equally as important as the scent in my opinion. Recently I tried this bottle of Ralph Lauren Tender Romance and it smelled heavenly. In high school I use to wear Ralph Lauren but really haven't tried anything since. When I was sent a sample bottle in the mail, I realized I have been missing out on this sweet smelling fragrance. I like to keep mini sample bottles in my makeup bag that way I have one with me whenever I need to freshen up. Plus, they are the perfect travel size. 

I’m obsessed with this lip color from Bite Beauty. It’s perfect for summer and goes with most anything. Lipstick is the answer when you need to add a little something extra to spice up a look. I love a good lip color and this one stays in my bag. To be honest, it actually melted because I never take it out, so now a cue tip is involved. I need to just suck it up and buy a new one.

Moving on to a few things in the pantry that I'm currently loving. This lists changes quite frequently.

I’ve always been a fan of figs. Fresh, dried, baked, you name it. These Nature's Intent Dark Chocolate Figs are coming in a number one on my favorite list right now. They are dangerously good. They provide the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy a craving. I also consider them semi healthy since the chocolate is dark and it’s still a piece of fruit, right?

Hummus and pita chips make the perfect snack. I love serving them with a cheese plate and a side of fruit. I recently stumbled upon these SoCrisp Pita Chips from Harris Teeter and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty they were. I normally go for Stacey's pita chips, but after trying these, I was converted. They have a lot of flavor, even without dipping them in hummus. 

I’m a salad for lunch kind of girl during the work week, so I’m always looking for new ways to mix things up and a great place to start is with the toppings. I spotted these Simply Dressed Aged Parmesan Baked Croutons in the grocery store the and decided to give them a try. I normally don't buy croutons for my salads because I try to keep the carbs to a minimum with lunch, but I’m so glad that I did.  They add the perfect amount of flavor and crunch to my salads. Coming in at 1.5 grams of fat, 35 calories and 4 carbs in tablespoons, I'd say that's not a bad deal. 

I love discovering new products from others. What are some things that you are currently loving?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Food Film Festival South Walton, Florida

That's a wrap! The 2016 Food Film Festival has come and gone and I'm so thrilled that I was able to get in on the action. Two weeks ago, I packed my bags and hopped on a plane for a quick trip to Destin, Florida. This was my first time attending and I was not disappointed. Prepare yourself for picture overload. 
You know when you're watching TV and a commercial comes on advertising some delicious food, leaving you yearning for a bite of what you just saw? Well, the VIP evening event on night one of the festival was a "what you see, is what you get" type of affair. Three award-winning short films were shown, guiding you through the making of a vibrant rosemary gin cocktail, a beautifully presented bacon-wrapped filet, and a sweet pistachio donut. The sweet sights and sizzling sounds left mouths watering. The best part about watching these films — we actually got to eat everything we saw on screen. The evening was visually stimulating while satisfying your taste buds at the same time. 
The films weren't the only highlight of the evening. The stunning and chic venue, Caliza Restaurant, located at the Mediterranean-inspired Alys Beach, set the scene for this showstopping event. (No pun intended). 

There were numerous stations set up with mouthwatering samples from some of the South's top culinary talent. 
Rock Shrimp Crudo from Chef Kevin Gillespie
Scallops with Carrot and Citrus Bone Marrow Crumble from Caliza Restaurant
One of my favorite dishes of the evening was this rare steak on a bed of creamy pureed mashed potatoes with mushrooms. 
The bar was just as pretty as the drinks that were being made.
The cocktails did not go unnoticed either. This vodka cocktail with a side of fresh watermelon was quite the hit. The evening was quite successful. I left with a full stomach, happy and looking forward to day two of the festival. 

Saturday afternoon we took a road trip to the Hub on 30A for a Southern culinary experience. Again, not only was I delighted by the food, but also by the venue. The center of various activities, The Hub offers the perfect outdoor gathering space for endless entertainment. Situated on an artificial turf lawn, you will find comfortable patio seating, a fire place, an event stage and huge screen — surrounded by three restaurants and a space for food trucks. This spot has it all. 

From fried chicken and seafood of all sorts, to craft beer and local spirits, we did not leave hungry. 

 I sampled pretty much everything there was. My drink of choice for the day was a refreshing vodka cocktail with fresh strawberries, courtesy of Cathead Vodka.
Believe it or not, after the daytime activities, there was just enough time to head back to the hotel and get ready for more food, film and fun back at The Hub that evening. This event was a bit different than the others. As the sun faded away and the sky got dark, we were seated movie theater-style in front of the big screen, popcorn in hand, where we watched a series of award-winning food documentaries. 
The best part about it all — we were able to taste what we saw on the screen. The food was amazing! We sampled "the perfect oyster", barbecue shrimp in a bread bisque bowl, burgers from "happy cows", and sweet potato cobbler, just to name a few. There wasn't a dish that I did not enjoy. 
And to finish the evening, we ended with  Karl's Balls, a Japanese batter based snack filled with diced octopus and a few other things. 
The festival concluded with a Sunday brunch that I wasn't able to stick around for, but believe me, I ate my way through highway 30A! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with great food, intriguing films, refreshing cocktails and plenty of sunshine. Trust me, I have the tan lines to prove it. 

I'm marking my calendar for next year, that's for sure!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cookbook Craze | 10 Pretty, Delicious Cookbooks

Nothing fills a bookshelf or a coffee table better than a big stack of thick, colorful, hardcover books. Cook books in particular are my favorite. They look great on a shelf and are the perfect reference for a home cooked meal. I've collected quite a few over the year, but only a select few are on display. Below are a few of my favorites as well as a few that are on my wish list!

I mean who doesn't want to find out more about what this super model whips up in the kitchen?!

This cook book is so colorful and pretty. I'm definitely adding it to my collection soon. 

Because who doesn't want a book filled with over 70 different ways to dress up your toast. 

A book like this is a necessity for summer entertaining. 

If the name doesn't draw you in, the shrimp and grits on the cover sure will!

A book filled with recipes to make a grilled cheese that much more enticing. 

Sometimes a little inspiration is needed in order to make lettuce exciting. 

I was fortune enough to meet the chef behind this refreshing cookbook.

All good parties begin with these. 

Cocktails associated with the chic stars of Hollywood. How can you resist?

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