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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Sawyer's First Haircut

After much debate and a lot of stalling on my part, we finally took Sawyer to get his first official haircut. If I had a dime for every time I've heard "those curls"! He had the cutest little blonde ringlets. My hair is pretty straight and so is Whit's, but my dad and brother both had a head full of curls when they were little so I'm assuming this is where Sawyer got it from. 

I wasn't ready to cut that sweet baby hair. In my eyes, getting a hair cut meant he wasn't a baby anymore, which is true but sometimes hard to accept. I was also terrified that he was going to lose those pretty little curls. On Saturday, Whit and I decided on a whim to take him to get it cut because his bangs were getting in his eyes. So, we headed downtown to the Lowcountry Barbershop where Whit gets his hair cut. Sawyer sat up in the chair like a big boy with only a few minor wiggles and the snipping began. The hairdresser could sense how anxious I was and let me know that she was going to save a few lockets for us to take home. Before she started cutting, she did warn us that there was a good chance that his curls would disappear based on our own hair. I just kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. Who knew I would be this emotionally attached to his hair. When it was all over, they gave him a lollipop and he was as happy as can be. And as for me, I'm happy too. The curls are still there!

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