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Friday, July 22, 2016

News Feed Friday

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestion on blog post topics. I appreciate the ideas, so stay tuned for new upcoming posts. Speaking of upcoming posts, my recap of my recent trip to New Orleans will be live next week. Don't miss it!

I came across this on Instagram the other day and now I feel inclined to try it. 

Wine Words: Thank you for clarifying!

15 Magical hotels you must visit in your lifetime.

Looking forward to the #Nsale next week. I've got my eyes on a few things. How comfy does this look? And I would really love to splurge on this

The best new books to read this month...if only I could find time. 

I really would like to try and make these at home. 

So glad I came across this blog post.

I'm headed out of town this weekend...again. We will be celebrating round two of the Beaufort Water Festival

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Have a great weekend!


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