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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Biscuit Making | Behind the Scenes at Callie's Charleston Biscuit House

Nothing says team building like making a batch of warm, fluffy biscuits! A few weeks ago, we took a field trip out of the office and headed over to Callie's Charleston Biscuit House to get our hands dirty in celebration of the launch of our new craft series spatula line. It was really intriguing to go behind the scenes of the making of Callie's Charleston biscuits
For those of you who aren't familiar, founder Carrie Morey keeps the lost art of biscuit making alive by hand making biscuits which are packaged and frozen, available for purchase in grocery stores across the U.S. Fortunately for us Charleston residents, we have the option to stop in Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, her retail shop on King Street serving a variety of piping hot award-wining biscuits.
On this particular day, we spent time in the Biscuit House, a historical and charming location that was previously a Navy medial building in North Charleston, SC. It's so impressive to think that this old house now serves as the bakery headquarters, responsible for shipping out biscuits all-day-long.
On display were a variety of packaged products, including pimento cheese, syrups and jams that she also sells.
We spent the morning in the kitchen with Carrie and her team, learning the proper techniques for preparing the perfect biscuit. I was so impressed that everything is done by hand. There was not a piece of machinery used once, other than the oven of course. Talk about an arm workout. Those ladies in kitchen mean business.

You might be wondering who Callie is and why it's not called Carrie's biscuits. The coveted recipe comes from Callie, Carrie's mother. We have Carrie and her team of bakers to thank for bringing the biscuits to life every day.
We divided up into groups and each prepared our own batch finishing them off with toppings of our choice. Think cinnamon sugar, pimento cheese, bacon, black pepper, chives and warm butter. The best part was trying everyone's creations at the end. 
It was such a pleasure to go behind the scenes of the biscuit house and see first-hand all of the hard work that goes into producing these warm little treats. Seeing the love that goes into the process, makes them taste even better. If you're ever visiting the Charleston area, I highly recommend stopping in the Hot Little Biscuit Shop. You won't regret it! But if you can't make it to the shop, pick up a frozen batch from your local grocery store to enjoy. They are a nice treat to keep on hand when you want a quick snack or have guests over. 
Now excuse me while I go pre-heat my oven!


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