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Friday, May 15, 2015

News Feed Friday

Happy Friday! I've rounded up a few worthy links this week to share with you today!

I just had to take a minute to say how impressed I am with the flowers in the above photo. I don't recall the name of them, but I purchased them on May 2nd for the baby shower I hosted, and they are still going strong! They have been on the counter in my (windowless) bathroom for two weeks now. I will definitely be purchasing these blooms again!
These dreamy sparkling pools make me want to just jump right in and take a dip!
Speaking of taking a dip, how cute is this bikini?
Supposedly this bedtime snack helps with weight loss.
6 Reasons to Start Your Day Before 6AM...sounds like I need to get up earlier! 
Who doesn't love a good tomato pie?!
This maxi dress looks so comfy.
Here's a little Memorial Day Cookout menu inspiration.
Cheers to the weekend!
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