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Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew | South Carolina

I am extremely grateful to be sitting here writing this post. The devastation Hurricane Matthew left behind for many is truly heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with those that lost loved ones, their homes, businesses and those that are yet to be able to return home to asses the damage. 

I am so relieved to be safe and sound back home in Charleston, with only flooding in our neighborhood and thankfully no damage. The past few days have been long, preparing for something that was not entirely predictable. I don't have many pictures to share.
After boarding up windows and securing things around our home, my husband and I evacuated on Friday afternoon to my parents house. Although they don't live too far away and were still under the same weather conditions, their county had not been evacuated and flooding is less likely in their area. We lost power around 1 a.m. leaving us in the pitch black dark listening to the wind whipping through the trees. The sounds were so eerie, preventing little sleep from taking place.
Saturday morning we woke up to a yard full of branches, a few shingles and some downed trees in the fields nearby. My parents were very fortunate as well to not have severe damage to anything. My mom owns a deli in town so we headed there next to check things out. Thankfully all was in place there as well. By mid-afternoon there was a line of cars on the road in front of her business, all trying to get back into Beaufort county but with no luck. State troopers had all routes blocked due to downed trees and other circumstances, preventing many from going back home. With a gas stove and running water, my mom did was she does best and started resourcefully preparing hot meals for those that were looking for somewhere to get food. Around 7 p.m. we closed the doors due to the difficulty of functioning only by candle light. 
We were back up and at it at  3 a.m. on Sunday morning, preparing an order of 140 bag lunches to be delivered to our local electric companies to take on the road as they diligently work to restore power.
I was able to return to Charleston on Sunday afternoon to my home where the power had been restored. My family was still without power the last time I spoke with them.There is no rest for the weary at my other's deli though. They were working to prepare 200 plus lunches to be delivered to the power companies again on . 

Here are a few photos from around South Carolina.
Myrtle Beach

Edisto Beach

Thank you to the first responders, linemen, government officials and many others who are working to restore our beautiful state back to normal. The evacuation direction and organization from our governor was a blessing. It's times like this that we should count our blessings and it also serves as a reminder that tomorrow should not be taken for granted. 

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by this storm. xoxo

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