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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fitness Classes in Charleston

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If you’re a regular follower around here, you understand by now that I have a passion for good food and cocktails. I often get asked “Do you actually eat all the things you post?” And “how do you eat all of that and stay so small?” The answer is yes. I do eat all the things I post, which means I must make time for the gym. I try to be disciplined when it comes to physical activity during the week. It really helps having a group of friends to work out with to hold each other accountable. 

I’ve been a member at Pivotal Fitness since I moved to Charleston, which has been about seven years now. The classes are great and the excellent trainers keep me coming back. Side note, if you are looking for a personal trainer, Tiffany Dennis is the best in the business and the reason I can do the things I do today! You can read a recap of some of my past workouts I posted about here. However, when spring weather rolls around, I do find it challenging to drag myself indoors when it’s so nice out. I begin to lose the urge to workout, but there’s no time for that, especially with bikini season right around the corner. 

Charleston is full of options when it comes to working out and staying fit. My girlfriends and I decided to change things up a bit over the last few weeks in order to avoid the burnout of our regular gym routines. And I must admit, it has been so refreshing. I thought it would be fun to give you all a rundown of some of the new things we’ve tried and share my thoughts. 

HYLO Fitness is a brand-new facility that opened last month in Mt. Pleasant.  They offer small group training classes, one with a high intensity focus and the other is low impact. Both of which are necessary to incorporate in your daily fitness routine. I signed up for their free 10-day trial they were initially offering and I’m so glad I did. The facility is beautiful; the staff is friendly and the workouts were great. 

The HY classes can best be compared to red zone and orange theory, for those of you that are familiar with those high intensity workouts. The classes in involve time on the rowers and bikes, and utilize weights and the TRX, assisting with fat loss and muscle development. Once you’re finished with your heart racing workout, you can head upstairs to the LO class for a cool down that involves balance, flexibility and recovery. I found this class to be the most challenging when taking it after a HY class. Personally, I didn’t get quite enough out of it when I took just the LO class by itself. I do a lot of high intensity training on a regular basis and felt that I needed to take the two classes together, which is what this  boutique fitness studio is all about - balanced total body fitness.
Locations: Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hours: Monday 5am-8pm; Tuesday-Thursday 5am-8pm; Friday 5am-7pm; Saturday 7:30am-12am; Sunday 8:30-12pm

Cost: Month to Month Memberships $159-189 per month*

Workout duration: 50 minutes for each class

I’m not going to sugar coat this one. I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to cycling, I’m just not that into it. I don’t know if it’s because my legs are too short and I feel like I can never get the bike adjusted just right, or maybe because it’s because I get bored being stationary. However, Cycle Bar did alter my love hate relationship with spin classes. A new studio just opened in Mt. Pleasant so my girlfriends and I decided we had to check this place out as well. It all goes down in the cyclebar theater which holds up to 55 bikes, has two flat-screen TVs, personal data monitors, and audio, video, and lighting technology, creating a multisensory experience. These things together assist in distracting me from the sweat and suffering behind the workout. Spin shoes available and they prefer that you wear them during class or wear your own if you have them. They have lockers to store your belongings while your in class and fresh clean towels can be founded waiting for you on your bike, which needs to be reserved ahead of time. Once your ride is over, your stats are immediately emailed to you, to help assist in tracking the progress of your fitness journey. You can check in on your heart rate, calories, power, RPM, and more at any time online if you’re registered. The best part, on Wednesday’s there’s wine, after class that is!
Local Locations: Mt. Pleasant, SC and various other states.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 5am-9pm

Cost: Monthly unlimited recurring packing with auto pay $149.00

Workout duration: 50-minute ride

Adrienne and I after Buti yoga
Yoga is a class that I definitely need to incorporate more in my regular workout schedule. It’s so important to allow time during the week for stretching and to give your body a break with a lower intensity workout. With that being said, I’m terribly at making myself go, but outdoor classes make it a little easier. I was so thrilled to see that rooftop yoga series sponsored by Lululemon Charleston was back again this year. You can't beat a yoga class, outside on the rooftop overlooking historic Charleston on a comfortable spring evening. These rooftop classes are offered every Wednesday of the month during the Spring and summer evenings, weather permitting. And each month a new local studio and teacher is featured. Make sure to bring your own mat, towel and water bottle. The good news, this class is FREE! Another perk- there is a rooftop bar next door offering the perfect spot to reward yourself after the workout. If you’re local to Charleston, I highly recommend giving it a try.  Follow along on Instagram tomorrow for rooftop views of the next class!
Locations: Rooftop of the Restoration Hotel, Downtown Charleston

Hours: Every Wednesday of the month (Spring and Summer)

Cost: FREE *Must register online to reserve a spot

Workout duration: 1 hour

What classes do you take to stay motivated?


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