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Thursday, July 13, 2017

VIIcode: Skincare for Your Eyes | A Review

I'm always on the search for new skin care products that are safe and effective. There's no time like the present to preserve and protect your youth, right? For a while I was on a mission to find the perfect night time facial treatment to awaken and moisturize leaving my skin, leaving my face with a glow. My struggle is with dark circles under my eyes, which is why I was excited to give the VIIcode eye oxygen masks a try. Of course, getting extra sleep and drinking more water both assist with dark under eyes, but let's be honest, extra sleep and more water don't always do the trick. 
I tried out the VIIcode oxygen eye masks a try and was pleasantly surprised with the results. To be honest, I'm sometimes a skeptic of these things but I really loved this product. The oxygen eye masks come individually wrapped in a box of six. Unlike some other masks, this non-irritating formula is designed for an eight-hour wear overnight. Something that works while I'm sleeping - sign me up! With key ingredients, grape seed oil, seaweed, and white tea, the masks have a gel-like coating that feels cool and refreshing when applied under the eyes. Apply them to a clean face before bed and let them do their magic! 
When I woke up the next morning and pulled them off I could see a slight difference in the reduction of puffiness and dark color, but the most prominent result for me was the way my under eyes felt. I felt like my skin was refreshed and my eyes were brighter. It honestly made me want to wear them every night just to achieve the refreshed- "I just left the spa" like feeling.

I have a special discount code if any of you are interested in giving them a try. Use code DCHRGDFH at checkout to receive $5 off your purchase. Offer ends 7/31/2017. Click here to purchase. 

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