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Friday, December 21, 2018

Baby Sawyer: 6 Months Old

This baby boy is six months old! How is it that time goes by this fast? Sawyer keeps us on our toes everyday. He now makes new babbling sounds like goo goo and gaga (Whit swears he’s saying Dada) and he also grunts. He turns his head when you say his name and he’s getting much better at sitting up on his own. He tried his first food last night! He’s still trying to decide if he’s a fan of 🥑, but one thing is for sure, he loves his milk! He sticks out his tongue, blows bubbles and is quite the drooler. He loves to jump and bounce in your lap, and really is such a happy baby. And he still hates getting dressed. We love you sweet boy! Oh, and he shares his half birthday with his dad.

Milestones and changes
I feel like so many new things were introduced at six months, including trying food for the first time! Mashed avocado was first on the menu and it didn't go over so well. The first few bites were okay but then all of the sudden did not like what he tasted. He was also intrigued by the spoon, given it was the first interaction he's ever had with one. Since thee avocado, we've also tried mashed bananas, sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs. He's all about bananas and sweet potatoes, but not so much the eggs. Maybe next time... On another note, he can hold his own bottle now, which makes him look so grown up.

Favorite things
His new Graco bumper jumper. We could tell he was ready for one of these by the way he was always trying to jump in our laps. We celebrated Christmas a little early with Whit's family and they gave him one. It has been quite the hit. He will sit in there and bounce until he falls asleep.
Things I'm looking forward to
Christmas morning! I know he's unaware of the whole Santa and gifts, but it's just seems so much more exciting when you have a child. We went to Celadon and actually met Santa. Sawyer didn't do the normal freak out that you seem in all the funny photos of kids with Santa. I was kind of hoping for one of those photos to be honest, but instead he was just very serious. I don't think he realized someone else was even holding him.
Hardest Moment
Dealing with the frequent mom guilt that slowly creeps in out of nowhere. The mom guilt for working full time and only having an hour or so with him at night. Oh, and taking him to get his six months shots. Those are never fun!

Sweetest Moment
Saturday morning snuggles! We've gotten into a habit of waking up with Sawyer at 7 a.m. and bringing him into our bed so where I can feed him. After he eats, he falls asleep snuggled in my arms, resting on his boppy. He will sleep there for about two hours, sometimes longer if I let him. It's those little moments that I cherish so deeply, because I know they won't last forever. And it's those reminders of those moments that help get me through a hard work week.

Breast Feeding
I can't believe I've made it this far! Six months was a stretch goal of mine and now that I've gotten here, I figured I would try to continue for as close to a year as possible. Although I would by lying if I said I didn't dream of the freedom of not carrying around a pump. I'm currently trying to slowly introduce formula so I can at least have it as back up if needed. The very first time he had a bottle of it, he drank the whole thing! Since then, he's only had it three other times. We will see where this goes.


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