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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sawyer's First Easter

I find that every holiday is a bit more exciting these days now that we have a little one in the picture. I had to refrain from buying a ridiculous amount of bunny themed items for Sawyer's Easter basket, mostly because he is too young to really understand any of it. But what I couldn't resist was having his photo taken with the Easter bunny. I had all intentions of taking advantage of my day off on Friday to spend some time outdoors with Sawyer and then go see said bunny. The weather ended up being awful and we found ourselves at the Dr.'s office Friday afternoon, all to find out that Sawyer has a double ear infection. So needless to say, things didn't go quite as planned. I wasn't going to give up on the bunny photo though. I knew we somehow had to work in a stop on our way to Myrtle Beach the next day. 
After some serious arm twisting my husband, we made a stop at the mall on our way out of town. Now, I knew going into it that these mall bunnies have a reputation of being creepy and believe me, this one definitely lived up to it. I also knew that it was going to be a rip off but I felt I was doing what I had to do in the moment. We walked into the mall, found the bunny and thankfully there was no line (now I know why). I marched right up to the lady and asked how much. Of course she tried to sell me on the most expensive package for $50 which I politely declined. I had gone through too much to convince my husband to take us there to get this photo so there was no turning back. Against my better judgement, I spent $27 for three printed photos, in only one pose.. I noticed there was a link for the digital downloads on my receipt I went straight to the website and quickly found out that there was another $12 fee do download thank you! I got in the car annoyed but couldn't help but smile at this cute little photo and decided to let it go because it was Sawyer's first Easter after-all. 
I was scrolling through Instagram as we continued on our way out of town when I came across a photo of some children at an Easter egg hunt that appeared to be in our neighborhood. After digging through a few more photos, I found out that not only was the bunny in our neighborhood Saturday morning, but he was also just two doors down from our house. And not only could we have gotten a free photo, but I also could have avoided the great bunny debate with my husband. Next year I will be more prepared....

But in other news, we had a wonderful time in Myrtle Beach. We spent time with family, ate way too much and attended a beautiful church service on Sunday. Sawyer managed to make it through the whole service until about five minutes before the end. I was pretty impressed considering he didn't feel well. 
I assembled this delicious DIY charcuterie board from Lady & Larder.

I was so excited for Sawyer to wear his Easter outfit(s). I bought him a few things at the Charleston Repeats sale when I was pregnant and have been patiently waiting on him to be able to wear them. If you're a first time mom and live in the Charleston area, I highly recommend checking out the sale.
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


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