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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

January Life Lately

February is basically over and here I am looking back wondering where January went. 2018 has been going by so fast!

Whit and I started off the year with an exciting announcement!
And also a delicious meal at Early Bird Diner- a great place for comfort food and one of Whit's favorite spots. Of course I had to get a traditional New Years Day meal for good luck!
Our good friends welcomed a baby girl into their family. We immediately went to the hospital as soon as we could to meet Miss Rosie Stokes!
One of the highlights of the year- SNOW! Something we hardly ever see in Charleston and there was a lot of it.

 Whit enjoyed a bourbon cocktail while I sipped on a warm cup of non-alcoholic hot chocolate.
 Oh, and we also found out the gender of our baby!
 The snow was pretty while it lasted, but by about day four, we were ready for it to melt.
 Monster despises sweater weather.
I was asked to bring a veggie tray to a party, so I decided to create a fun one of my own.
I'm obsessed with this lightweight green necklace I bought in Italy.
And Monster is obsessed with only Whit.
We had brunch at Lowcountry Bistro. It had been years since I had eaten there. We went with the mac and cheese, apple and cinnamon french toast and chicken and waffles.
I like the the french toast was served with savory sides.
The mac and cheese with jumbo lump crab, lobster mornay caramelized onions, tasso ham and herb panko.
Restaurant week at Indaco was nothing short of amazing!
Dessert is my new thing now and this salted caramel gelato hit the spot!
A quick visit with girlfriends afterwards.
I've been trying to stick to a regular gym routine throughout this pregnancy. I traded my weights in for my boxing gloves the other day which made for a perfect arm workout.

If you haven't had The Daily's avocado toast, you're missing out. I would have normally topped this with a runny egg but since that's on my cannot eat list, I opted for the tomato.
I've also been trying to incorporate more barre classes into my workout routines. It's a great class to take while pregnant. 
Nursery furniture shopping with the Mr. I think he secretly enjoyed although it wouldn't appear that way in this photo.
I picked up these adorable light weight tassel earrings at Celadon (while furniture shopping.)
I received a free week of Hello Fresh so Whit and I tested out some of their recipes. I still think it's a great concept and it did save me lots of time in the kitchen having everything readily available, but my only complaint is not having leftovers. We typically cook enough to last us a few meals and that's my only issue with Hello Fresh.


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