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Friday, November 16, 2018

Baby Sawyer: 4 Months Old

I’m popping in to share a four month update on baby Sawyer (before he turns 5 months next week). Time is flying by way too fast! His personality just keeps getting better and better. He has the cutest grin and is ticklish under his arms and his neck. He loves bath time and his bear lovie. He has great head control and loves to kick his little legs. He wants to put everything in his mouth, especially his hands and he’s an expert hair puller. He is easily distracted by anything on TV, babbles to himself as he goes to sleep and he still hates getting dressed. He enjoys going on strolls and being outside. Whit and I love watching him grow and learn new things. His smile melts my heart every single time. We are so lucky to be his parents.

4 month stats
Sawyer is 24.5 inches long, which puts him in the 20th percentile for height. And he is currently a whopping 13 lbs 6.5 oz which puts him in the 10th percentile for weight. He may not be the biggest guy but the Dr. was pleased with his consistent growth. His head on the other hand is in the 37th percentile. Here's a photo of him after he got his shots at his fourth month appointment. He was surprisingly in much better spirits than he was after the first round.
Current schedule

We’re still on the 8-16 schedule in the Moms on Call book, or at least for the most part. His naps are getting shorter. I laugh at the daily sheets that are sent home from daycare. Sometimes he only naps for 30 mins, the entire day. It makes for one tired baby when he gets home. The struggle is then to keep him awake for his nighttime feeding. But he still drinks his milk like a champ, taking three bottles at day care and breastfeeding twice a day. He also tries to hold the bottle himself now.

Favorite things
We bought this sit, spin and stand activity table and he is finally starting to love it. I think he could stand to be a little taller in order to fit in it more comfortable, but he’s loving it. He’s also a big fan of Sophie the giraffe, which we’ve recently renamed, Jeremy.

Hardest moment
I was warmed about the constant sickness that would come and go with him in daycare. At our last Dr.’s appointment, we were informed that on average, children that attend daycare are introduced to a new virus every 2 weeks. Lovely! He’s had a stuffy, runny nose multiple times now. 
Sweetest moment

Morning snuggles are the best and I really try to soak them up on the weekend. We’ve been putting him in the bed with us on Saturday mornings and he will just lay there, play with his toys and “talk to us.” I could just lay there with him for hours.

Something fun we did this month (October)
We celebrated Sawyer's first Halloween! He was the most adorable little lobster. We rode around on the golf cart with friends while the toddlers were trick or treating. He wore the costume the whole time and surprisingly didn't get upset. 
I’m still going and can't believe I've made it this far. I hope to be able to continue for a few more months. So far Sawyer is still exclusively on breast milk, although we were told at our 4 month check up that we can start to introduce pureed food whenever we would like. I think I’m going to hold out until at least 6 months. 
 This photo pretty much sums things up. :)


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