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Friday, November 30, 2018

Baby Sawyer: 5 Months Old

Sweet Sawyer is five months old today and has quite the personality already! I can’t get over how much he has grown since last month and all the new things he does. He has the cutest little baby giggles, brought on my the ridiculous noises we make. He has started to splash in the tub, tries to hold his bottle himself, loves his toy giraffe, wiggles all over the place and likes to bounce. He can roll from his tummy to his back and is still working on rolling from his back to his tummy. He enjoys when we read books to him, he naps well in the car, and he’s really starting to notice his surroundings. So much love for this little one!

Milestones and changes
He started blowing spit bubbles. I'm not sure if it may be a sign of teething in the near future. He has also increased the amount of milk he drinks. I'm pretty sure he's going through a growth spurt. I increased his milk to 7 ounces per bottle. Needless to say, it's a struggle to keep up so I've had to tap into my freezer stash of breast milk.

Favorite Things
His activity table seems to be hit, although he could stand to grown into a little bit more. But it keeps him entertained. We actually took it with us when we traveled for Thanksgiving. He also loves to splash in the bathtub when we talk to him and make silly sounds.

Current schedule
We've been on the same schedule from the Mom's on Call book for a while now. It seems to be working so I figured we wouldn't change it up.

Hardest moment (s)
There were a few of them this month. Leaving him to go to the Clemson/Carolina game was one. He was in great hands with Whit's parents though! We've only left him overnight one other time and it's just not an easy thing to do. Also, having the stomach bug and being quarantined from him for three days was extremely hard. And lastly, he developed a cough that lingered long enough for us to take him to the Dr. where they told us he had a milk case of RSV. Thankfully it was very mild, but hearing that sad little cough at night was just heartbreaking.

Sweetest moment (s)
The way he lays on my shoulder, nestled up near my neck and totally relaxes after he eats. I wouldn't trade those baby snuggles for the world. Also, visiting with my grandfather and seeing his face light up. He just adores Sawyer!

Something fun we did this month
Spending Thanksgiving with family. We thoroughly enjoyed the extra time off from work that we were able to enjoy with him. Our family loved it as well.
I'm still going at it! Although the stomach bug really gave me a run for my money. Trying to pump when you can even keep water down is miserable. It took a lot of effort to get my supply back up after I was sick.


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