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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Desano Pizza Charleston

It's no secret that my love for pizza runs deep. It really is borderline ridiculous. When I was in high school I would order a slice of pizza EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch and oddly enough I never got sick of it. Unfortunately, now I don't have the option nor metabolism to eat it everyday. I always say that if I had to choose one food to eat the rest of my life pizza would be it. Get the picture now?

The other week I made a trip to Desano for lunch with coworkers. In my head I knew that was the last thing I should be eating given the meals that have been consumed lately, but my stomach won that battle. It was totally worth every bite.

Diavola Pizza
So let me try to best describe this delicious, tucked away pizza spot.

Restaurant Details:
The restaurant is very low key and has an industrial feel to it.  When you walk in you place your order, pay at the counter and head to the back to choose a seat on one of their high or low top communal tables.  The pizza is cooked in wood burning ovens in the back where the seating is, so you are able to watch it being made. 

The pizza has a crispy thin crust with a slight char and is topped with all sorts of deliciousness. The ingredients are all natural and flown in fresh from Napoli and Campania in Italy. The pizza itself is served on a large metal tray for groups, and small personal  pans for individuals. You won't find any plates here, but the brown paper towels will do the job.

There is also a condiment station where you can load up on some extras for your pizza such as fresh garlic, chili oil, parmesan, and olive oil.  As for beverages, take a bottled drink from the front when you pay or pour yourself a glass of water in the back. You can also bring your own wine and there is no corkage fee, which sweetens the deal. No worries if you don't bring your own, they do have a few bottles of wine and beer for purchase. Pizza isn't the only thing they are serving up. Calzones, salads and cannoli's are also on the menu.

We ordered a few different pizzas, all of which were delicious, but my favorite hands down was the Capricciosa which was topped with mushrooms, artichokes, prosciutto, garlic and buffalo mozzarella. I was of course too busy devouring it to get a picture.

Lasagna Pizza

To sum it all up, Desano's keeps it simple. The ingredients are fresh, the pizza tastes great and the atmosphere is laid back.

What are some of your favorite pizza places?


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