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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hair Care//Pump Up The Volume

I realize I just did a hair post last week; however this one has been on my mind for some time now. I have always been the type to obsess over my hair. And I say this not because I have great hair or anything close to it, but because I'm always trying to make it appear that I have more than I really do. My hair is super fine and really thin.  This runs in my family, so needless to say I have spent a lot of time trying out new products to get that thicker, fuller look you see in the commercials.

Years ago my grandmother was the owner of her own hair salon. I remember when we were little we would go visit her and sip on a glass bottle of coke while she did the hair of all the ladies in town.  My cousins and I would get our hair done too. We had a wooden board that we would lay across the arms of the salon chair to raise us up just high enough for her to work her magic. We went through the perm phase, the bob phase, the bangs, you name it we tried it.  
My aunt is also a beautician and she is now my go to. She is amazing at what she does and really knows her stuff.  These days I don't step out of my comfort zone much as far as hair styles go. But I am open to trying new products and she is great about suggesting all of the right ones. I have products I use for my daily routine and then those specialty products I use depending on the need.

The gang's all here!

These are just a few of the products that I have tried along the way. Sadly, there are probably several others that I left out of this photo. I'm a big fan of Aveda products, so I wanted to share some that I can't live without. Just to clarify, I don't use all of these at once.

First up a favorite of mine, the  Hair Detoxifier and I'm so sad to say that it's been discontinued. However, it can be found on Ebay and Amazon so I may just have to stock up while I still can. This product is like a facial for your hair. It strips away all of the buildup and brings the color back to life. It's the perfect product to use after you have been swimming in chlorinated water or just to remove buildup from day in and day out product use.  It will dry your hair out if you're not careful. I use this about once a month.

Aveda Hair Detoxifier
Next is the color saver, otherwise known as Blue Malva Shampoo for blonde color treated hair. This shampoo helps to return hair to that vibrant state it was in when you left the salon. It neutralizes the hair when it begins to get that brassy look and brings the color back to life. I use this shampoo about 2 or 3 times a week. On the other days I reach for Color Conserve Shampoo which leaves hair soft and silky feeling and helps maintain vibrant hair color longer. 
Aveda Blue Malva
 After shampooing and then conditioning creating that silky smooth texture, I have to rough it up a bit.  Given the thin fine hair that I have, adding volume is a must. I start by adding this Volumizing Tonic, which gives my fine hair the lift that it needs.  I spritz this on the top part of my head at the roots while the hair is still damp.
Aveda Volumizing Tonic
Once the tonic has been applied, I reach for Pure Abundance Style Prep and spritz at the roots all over the head. The great thing about this product is that it can be used on wet or dry hair and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. It gives hair that extra little boost of volume without adding weight.
Pure Abundance Style Prep
Next I add Brilliant Retexturing Gel.  This is the best gel I've ever used...period. It gives hair the perfect texture before styling. The amount I apply depends on how I'm styling my hair. I use a generous amount on the ends when I am planning on curling my hair afterwards. If I'm just blow drying and not doing anything special, I apply a nickel size amount all over the hair.
Aveda Retexturing Gel
 Last but not least, Chi 44 Iron Guard. It may not be an Aveda product I really do like it. This thermal protection spray helps strengthen and protect hair from the daily use of hot hair tools.  (It also smells really nice.)
As for all of the other Aveda products in the first picture, that calls for another post another day.  For now I wanted to highlight the ones I just can't live without.
If your looking to purchase any of these items, Aveda is offering free shipping on their mobile site. Or there's always Nordstrom which offers free shipping and free returns all the time. They also carry an assortment of Aveda products as well.
I leave you with a quote I'm sure many can relate to...


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