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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend Recap// Charleston Wine + Food Festival

I feel like I have been non-stop since Thursday of last week but I have enjoyed every minute of it! Especially since the majority of my weekend was spent dining at various places in Charleston as well as being reunited with my college girlfriends. What more could I ask for?

My eating marathon began Thursday evening at Xiao Bao Biscuit's signature dinner for the Charleston Wine + Food Festival. It was absolutely amazing. We sat down for what I thought was going to be a 3 course meal and soon found out that each course had about 5 courses within the course. Are you following? You know those tiny clown cars that are in the parades and like 30 clowns come out of a this little 2 passenger vehicle, well I felt this way about our "multi-course" meal. Every time we turned around a new plate was coming out of the kitchen. We had so many dishes that I can't recall the specific names of each one, but I do know that they were all very delicious! I apologize in advance for the food photo overload in this post.  With that being said, feast your eyes on this photo stream of yumminess!
The first two photos were small starters that paired well with the selection of beverages we were served.
Eggplant, potato noodles, lychee
Cabbage, Chicken, & Spiced Nuts

This broth was one of my favorite dishes.
Black trumpet, caramelized potato, mushroom & chicken broth

Raw Clams

Beef short ribs on a bed of noodles

Sea scallops and crab meat

Beef Tendon

And just when we thought that we were wrapping up the meal, more came out.

Fried rice

Red Snapper
Two of my favorite dishes of the evening (not pictured), were the brisket baked bao buns banana and miso ice cream for dessert. 
It had such a wonderful dining experience thanks to the collaboration of two very talented chefs. 
I probably shouldn't have eaten for days after that meal, however it didn't stop me from visiting the tasting tent at the culinary village on Saturday. There were so many tents to explore and so little time.
Here are a few scenes from the day.
First stop, the artisan market for a little work then play time.

Cruising through Marseille

Of all the things I tried, these last three dishes were my favorite.

Sweet corn cake with jalapeno bacon, pimento cheese, collard green pesto & quail egg

Shrimp roll from 167 Raw

It was an afternoon well spent "toasting a decade" of Charleston Wine + Food!

The remainder of my weekend was spent with these pretty ladies.  We all have our separate busy lives, but every time we get together, we pick up exactly where we left off.


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