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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 Charleston Wine & Food Festival Recap | Part 2

In case you didn't get enough food photos in my last post, I thought I would give your eyes something more to feast on. As I mentioned last week, we had a blast at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival
How cute is this Le Creuset photo booth we set up!? Complete with waders and all, we had fun snapping some photos in the USS Shucktown!
Both Friday and Saturday afternoons were spent exploring the culinary village, sampling all of the food and wine we could get our hands on. Or should I say that we were willing to stand in line for. This dish below was the first thing I tried and I can't even tell you what it was. I was so hungry I went for the first thing I saw. 
We spotted what seemed to be a real live scientist whipping up a gin concoction. I'm not a fan of gin, but couldn't pass up at least giving this a try.  His set up was pretty impressive. 
I also discovered that a white pinot noir exists. This white wine from Left Coast Cellers was nice and refreshing and is only available for a limited time. In fact, I don't see it on their website, which is a bummer because I would love to break out a bottle of it at my next dinner party. 
This dish below was actually on the list of top favorite things I sampled during the festival. Roasted sweet potato with pickled golden raisins, ancho chili and yogurt, so many flavors packed into this little bowl. Chef Whitney Otawka of Greyfield Inn does it right! I could have eaten a few of these. 
 There was a beautifully set rosé garden, complete with Whispering Angel Rosé.
And if rosé wasn't of interest, there was a biergarten lined with any and every kind of beer you could want. 
What goes better with beer than chocolate ice cream from Cirsea?! They seriously have some the best flavors. 
I also gave these BBQ snails a try. The thought of snails threw me off at first, but it was actually delicious!
Sloppy Joe Toastadas from Taqeria del Sol
I honestly can't remember what this dish was, but I remember being good. 
And speaking of good, this shrimp roll from Chef Jason Stanhope of FIG was great! You can't beat fresh shrimp in between to buttery toasted pieces of bread. 
There were several meat options served straight off the grill. 
And there were also sous-vide options like these 72-hour seared beef short ribs, served on a bed of truffle polenta with a port wine reduction from Cuisine Solutions. I was impressed with the flavor and how juicy and tender the meat was. This would be a great way to serve a delicious meal for those who don't like to cook. 
Different day, different ice cream. A scoop of chocolate chocolate chip, topped with old fashion strawberry from Republic Ice Cream for the win! As I mentioned, I didn't consume all of this in one afternoon. This was a result of spending two afternoons in the culinary village, which was totally fine by me. 
Once the culinary village closed on Saturday afternoon, I hopped over to the Le Creuset Boutique for a book signing with Colu Henry, author of Back Pocket Pasta. It was a pleasure to have her in our store. 
The Boutique was serving colorful pasta dishes from her cookbook.
Exhausted and running on fumes after a long day at the festival, I pulled myself together for an exciting event I had been really looking forward to. The What the Pho event actually took place at my office. Our parking lot was beautifully transformed into an Asian-inspired, high-energy nighttime experience.
The Veuve Clicquot was flowing. 
And the noodle dishes were endless. A lineup of a dozen local and guest chefs offered their spin on oodles of noodles, accompanied by incredible craft cocktails and complete with beats from DJ Rehab
Excuse the red nose, I was freezing cold and sunburned from earlier in the afternoon. 
This festive event was the perfect way to end a weekend full of wine, food and good times with great friends. Until next year...cheers!



  1. It looks like you had great time at the festival! Loved all the photos :)

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. WE love Charleston and we love food and wine...we'll have to check this out next year!

  3. Birear3/20/2017

    Thanks for sharing! Thanks ^^ I'm happy you like it! x You will like to see more fashion from here.


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