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Monday, March 27, 2017

Currently Loving

I have a mixed bag of things to share with you today. You may have seen me mention some of these items on my Instagram stories lately. I thought were too good not to share in a blog post!

First up, this little wooden pineapple bowl from Open Door Shop. It's the perfect versatile dish that can be used for things such as a salt cellar (perfect for my favorite salt), jewelry dish, or on the table for small snacks like nuts or olives. Open Door Shop is local retailer selling a collection of beautiful goods for the home. The good news, you can also shop online! They have so many cute things!  

A few months ago I wrote a post sharing my thoughts on Arctic Zero fit frozen desserts. Recently they came out with a new line of flavors for 2017 and I gave them all a try. These frozen desserts satisfy the sweet tooth with out the guilt, plus there's some protein in there which is always an added bonus. Well the verdict is in. While I think that all of their flavors are pretty tasty, they knocked it out of the park with their Peanut Butter Swirl flavor! Of all of the flavors I've tried, including those from last year, this one is hands down my favorite! There are only 300 calories in the whole pint, which is great because I could easily consume the whole things in one sitting.
Last week I went to the Teil Duncan art show at The American Theater and fell in love with all of her pieces. Teil is a local artist painting mostly figurative and non-objective work in the most beautiful array of colors. As I previously mentioned, we are updating our bedroom and I would love to hang one of her beauties in our room. The beach scenes and animals are my favorites.
Remember the recent purchases I mentioned in my recap of our New Orleans trip? These pretties were one of the things  I was referring to! I'm obsessed with the St. Louis matte black sunglasses from Krewe. They are also available in rose gold, but in-store only. I loved them both but decided to go with these!

We recently transitioned from a queen size bed to a king as part of our bedroom makeover. I had no idea what we were missing out on. The additional space is amazing! Here's a look at the bed we purchased. Similar options here, here and here.


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