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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Bubbly

The holiday parties and gatherings are in full swing! Sometimes I like to spice up my cocktail selection and offer something different to my guests other than a typical glass of wine....something pretty and festive like this Southern Belle-ini.  And yes, I made up the name and there is an explanation.

I came across this little concoction when my bridesmaids and I went to pick our their dresses for my wedding. This is a photo with some of the girls at the Gown Boutique of Charleston sipping on this fun champs cocktail while doing some dress shopping.

I loved it so much that I decided I had to have this for my signature drink at our wedding. And that's exactly what I did. A great drink with some meaning behind it and I called it a "Southern Belle-ini."


This drink is really simple. Take your champagne glasses, lightly dampen the rims with water and roll in sugar. I used red sugar crystals for an extra pop of color.

Next fill the champagne glass a little more than halfway full, leaving room for the juice. Add a few splashes (more or less depending on preference) of Ocean Spray White Cranberry Peach Juice.  Add some frozen raspberries or any frozen berry will work such as blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, etc. They not only keep your drink cool, but also add a nice touch.


“Southern Belle-ini”
1 bottle of your favorite champagne
1 bottle of Ocean Spray White Peach Cranberry Juice
1 bag of frozen raspberries
1 bottle of colored sugar crystals
1.       Lightly dampen the rims of the champagne glasses with a little bit of water.
2.       Pour color sugar crystals onto a plate and roll the top of the glasses in the sugar coating the rims.
3.       Fill the champagne glasses a little over halfway full.
4.       Add a few splashes of the juice to top them off (more or less depending on preference.)
5.       Finished off the drink by adding a few frozen raspberries.


  1. Those looks delicious and so pretty!

  2. Making the Bellini tonight for guests! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Oh good! I hope you and your guests enjoy! Happy Holidays!


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