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Monday, March 12, 2018

5 Skincare Products I'm Currently Loving

I love it when I randomly come across skincare products that I really love. I've actually found a few great ones lately and I wanted to share them with you today. I've been trying to pay closer attention to the products I use and the ingredients in them, especially now that I'm pregnant. Products that are comprised of food-based ingredients have been naturally grabbing my attention. Now I'm not saying that these products are as safe as can be, I just like to think they are better alternatives than some of the others out there. Here are five that have found a permanent home on the shelf in my bathroom.

I had never head of this brand until recently. And now I'm wondering what took me so long to discover it. I'm loving these two Elemis products and can't wait to try some others. First up, the superfood facial wash. This particular face wash is green and has a soft gel like texture that easily glides on your face. It gently cleanses and leaves your skin feeling so soft and refreshed. (That sounded like a commercial but it's so true. )It has a heavenly scent to it much like that of a spa. This face wash is composed of a nutrient-dense supergreen complex that consists of Wheatgrass, Kale, Nettle and minerals combined which are suppose to leave the complexion looking luminous. I don't know that I actually look like I'm glowing, but I sure do feel like it after I use it. 

I'm constantly on the search for a good day cream. I've always been one to apply lotion to both my body and face before heading out for the day. It's part of my daily routine and just makes my skin feel better. I love this superfood day cream just as much as I love the face wash. The day cream is light and doesn't suffocate your skin and also moisturizing without leaving that greasy feeling. It contains anti-oxidant and omega-rich superfood lipids such as broccoli, flax seed and daikon radish that help plump and smooth the skin along with additional superfood anti-oxidants including ginger, matcha tea and goji berry that help protect the skin barrier. I love it because it's light enough to put on as base before applying powder. 

I got this tub of lotion in my stocking this year and it wasn't until then did I discover how great it was. I've been using it all winter and it has drastically helped with my dry skin. Paraben free and packed with antioxidants,  this cream truly moisturizes and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling like coconut. The scent reminds me of a day at the beach. It absorbs easily and doesn't leave an oily residue on your clothing. 

I did a blog post all about this sugar scrub a while ago and I'm still obsessed. Sometimes my face feels like it just needs a good gentle scrub to remove dull skin. This sugar scrub revives and refreshes my face, leaving feeling silky smooth. Some scrubs are too harsh and dry my skin out more than anything but these fine sugar crystals don't do that at all. The scrub is a naturally derived blend of 3 pure sugars paired with finely ground Acai, nutrient-rich Grapeseed and Monoi Oils. And bonus that it can be used on your lips too!

The first time I ever really used an "oil" on my face was when I tried this product from Jeffrey James Botanicals. I've always been nervous that my face would break out and I just wouldn't like the way it felt. Don't get me wrong, there is a fine line between using this and avoiding the aforementioned. Everything in moderation. I found that this best suited my skin in the winter when my face was very dry. I would apply a small drop or two on my face and gently massage it all over before bed. I would only do this maybe once a week to avoid breakouts and I would also wash my face thoroughly the next morning.  Now that my skin isn't as dry, I will dab a tiny droplet around the corners of my eyes, where you would apply highlighter and in any other places that I may want to achieve that dewy bright look. This is definitely a product that should last a while due to the small amounts I use at a time. 


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