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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Scenes From The Weekend

Whit and I are really trying to embrace our weekends before the baby arrives. We've been taking all opportunities to get out and do stuff, especially with our friends. I know in just a few short months doing things spur of the moment won't be a reality and much more planning will be involved. I've also been taking advantage of sleeping in and finding time to lounge around the house and just relax. It's been really nice, but I know I've got to get myself in gear and get back on the nursery planning train. In the meantime, here's to making the most of our weekends!
What better way to kick off the weekend than with a big, juicy, animal style burger?! A few of us girls in the office went to Workshop for lunch. It's an exploratory food court with a rotating selection of food options from emerging and renowned chefs. It's great because everyone can get something different. My burger was from Pink Bellies and I highly recommend it. It's similar to the one you would get at In-N-Out Burger. And if you want a side of french fries, pop over to Fowl Mouth for a plate of traditional crinkle fries to go with.
A few of the ladies got this garlic noodle bowl with pulled pork and a poached it which I also highly recommend. It's also from Pink Bellies

Ironically we also had a casual dinner with a large group of friends planned at Workshop Friday evening as well. Thankfully the options are endless. 
And Workshop is such a great, kid friendly spot. I'm definitely adding it to the list of places we will go after the little one is born. We had such a fun night catching up with friends and loving on some of my favorite kiddos!
The cutest little bakery in town- Sugar Bakeshop! Not only is it cute, they have some yummy sweet treats as well. I picked up a vanilla blueberry cupcake after lunch on Friday but was too full to eat it. 
But it sure did pair well with my cup of coffee Saturday morning. 
The weather was beautiful Saturday, so we went over to our friends house to enjoy a poolside happy hour followed by an amazing dinner. We made these simple mocktails which were really refreshing and easy. And would also be good with vodka. : )
I'm so glad this is a four day work week! Looking forward to spending some time with the family this weekend!


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