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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nursery Inspiration + 24 Week Pregnancy Update

Nursery Inspiration

I woke up Wednesday morning and did my normal routine Baby Center app check to see what new updates were in store for me. I'm 24 weeks along and was casually reminded that I have just 112 days to go. That's just 3 1/2 months or 16 weeks in case you're wondering! I feel like time has flown by so far. Our little one will be here before we know it and I'm no where near prepared. I'm a self admitted procrastinator and now is probably a good time to kick that bad habit. I've got to get myself focused within the next few weeks and make some purchases. I mentioned in my last post that I bought a glider which I'm pretty pumped about. But that's about as far as it's gotten on the nursery front. I have an idea in my head of what I would like it to look like, now I just need to bring it all to life. Above is an idea board with some of my inspiration. 

I'm also really starting to show now. This week I've gotten so many comments on my bump and how "you can really see it." People in the gym are now confident enough to approach me and ask me when I'm due, whereas before they weren't sure if I had just had one too many slices of pizza. And I will admit, it's nice to be out of that awkward stage. One thing I find interesting is that some weeks I literally can feel my stomach stretching (or at least that's what it seems like.) Last week it was uncomfortable and eating made me feel like I was going to explode. But this week it just feels as though I stretched just enough for the baby to be comfortable until he grows in length again.

How far along? 24 weeks and 1 day

Baby’s size: This week baby Smith is the size of an ear of corn.

Weight gain: I've gained a total of 10 lbs.

Energy: Energy is still good and I'm so thankful!

Appetite & Food Cravings: The sweet cravings seem to have subsided a bit. Now I find myself reverting back to my old habits of reaching for something salty and crunchy. I'm all about the crunchy stuff. 

Workouts: My routine lately has pretty much consisted of modified Red Zone workouts twice per week mixed with the treadmill. But with the nice weather we've been having lately, I've been trying to make it a point to walk outside more often. I just feel so much better getting some form of physical activity in. 

Sleep: The pillow fort that I've been working so hard to build over the past few weeks is here to stay. I haven't had trouble sleeping but boy have I been having some of the weirdest dreams. And oddly enough, I'm able to recall every single detail when I wake up in the morning. I should start writing these things down. They make no sense at all but are pretty funny.

Movement: I'm now seeing movement on the outside. It's so strange to actually see it happen. It's ever so slight but still really cool.

Wardrobe (Swimsuit help needed!): I just want to say that the maternity jeans I purchased a few weeks ago were a total game changer! I feel so much more comfortable these days. I also took the chance on bathing suit shopping. I found two at target, but I'm not questioning whether or not I should keep them. I bought this one, which may not work for me as I get bigger but it was just too cute. I also picked this one up which was a little big on me, so I'm hoping that it will fit just right as I expand. I'm just not sure if they will still fit by the time it gets really warm here. They didn't have my size in this one buy I loved it. I may still order online. Whit seems to think I should just rock the two piece look, and maybe I will if I find the right one. 

Baby Shopping: I'm super excited to check out the Charleston Repeats, a children's seasonal consignment event that is taking place next week. My mom is coming in town and we are going to the "first time moms" shopping session. Hopefully we will leave with some good stuff.

Doctor's Visits: I have my glucose test scheduled for next week. Fingers crossed that I receive good news! 
24 Weeks
24 Weeks

23 Weeks
23 Weeks

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  1. Rock that bikini!!!

  2. Kate V3/09/2018

    You look so great! Where is that printed maxi dress from? I love it!


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