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Friday, February 20, 2015

News Feed Friday

How pretty is the Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville, FL?! I snapped this photo a few years ago when I took a trip there for work.
Now this is a use for eggs that I've never seen before.
How funny is this Instagram account?!? I think I may just have to start following.
If only I could be this lucky!
According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, this is the #1 "Most Romantic City."

I may not be a huge fan of sweets, but I sure am drooling over this cookie recipe!

Look out all you bacon fans, this pizza is sure to satisfy all of your bacon cravings. I wonder how many calories are in it?

Sing it girl!! And those expressions cute is she?!?!?

I would love for this necklace to find a permanent home in my jewelry box.

Some people want an Oscar, I want this swag bag!

Speaking of the Oscars, if you're looking for some cinematically themed cocktails to sip on, check out this list.

 This sounds about right...

 Happy Friday!!

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