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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift Giving Series//For the Foodie

This week I'm sharing gift ideas for the foodie in your life. I found this to be one of the harder gift  guides to put together given all the great products out there. I chose items that I thought were fun, unique and also useful. Below, I have narrowed down some of my favorites.
Let's start with this little life saver, otherwise known as a crock pot. We received this exact one as a wedding gift and absolutely love it.  And if you are searching for a recipe to accompany your slow cooker, Cooking Light has 105 of their favorites to choose from on their website.
If your looking to add another element to your grilled meat, the cedar planks from Williams Sonoma definitely step it up a notch. These are great for fish, poultry, steaks and even onions, infusing a smoky flavor without losing moisture.
The minute I came across this split pie pan I knew it had to be on my list. This is an indecisive person's best friend.  This pan is not only perfect for baking two flavors at once but also for giving half away and keeping the other for yourself of course.
A log covered in mushrooms may seem strange to some, but for those that love to cook this shiitake mushroom log is a unique gift. I've never actually owned one of these, but I think it would be nice to have my own mushrooms right at my finger tips ready to add to soups and pasta dishes.
A deluxe DIY cheese kit, yes please!  I am such a fan of cheese, I mean who isn't?! It's the perfect appetizer to serve guests and it's pretty impressive if you can say you made it yourself. This particular kit makes mozzarella, ricotta, crumbly goat cheese, creamy chevre, paneer, and queso-blanco...gang's all here!
Sometimes making dinner and getting in and out of the kitchen quickly seems like an impossible task.  The Breville immersion blender will help speed up the prep process. This immersion blender has 15 different speeds making it perfect for blending, pureeing, mixing and emulsifying.
Craving pasta but don't want all of the carbs, problem solved with the Paderno sprializer. Substituting vegetables for pasta is  pretty common and there are several delicious recipes out there.  This machine leaves you with beautifully spiraled vegetables and "guilt free" noodles.
Everyone needs a great roasting pan and the Le Creuset  large stainless steel roasting set is just that. This pan isn't just for cooking a turkey, it's also perfect for large roasts, leaving enough room for all those veggies.
I hope these suggestions may help spark some gift ideas for the foodie and at home cook you're shopping for!



  1. I love that split pie pan and the cheese kit! Great gift ideas!

    1. Thanks! I wouldn't mind if those appeared under my tree. :)


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